Fonticate is a little program that Shawn challenged me to do a while ago, one of those "one night hacks" that is actually pretty useful. The idea is to show all the fonts in your system next to each other, and let you quickly type some text and see it rendered in all the different typefaces.

This is immensely useful if you think about starting new companies every week, and you need to evaluate each name for its logo-preparedness. I understand most people don't do this, so maybe they can find another use for fonticate.

Plug: It's also a great demo of my antialiased type library (which is available for license, though I don't make much noise about it.) I think it's higher quality than Photoshop for character generation, and it's about the fastest thing on the planet (for example, it can display the U.S. Constitution at 70 fps, with 3-pixel tall type -- about 6M glyphs/second.)

Anyway, here's what it looks like:

In case you can't tell, you can type in the top area, and it will draw in the bottom.

And here's where you download it:

fonticate.exe [112KB]