This is the tiniest of screen capture programs, because I was getting tired of having to go paste every screen capture somewhere. The behavior of this one is modeled after the Mac. You run it, and then:

alt-shift-3: captures full screen
alt-shift-4: captures current window

It makes nice filenames (with a datestamp) and puts BMP files in a folder called "scraps" on your desktop. Then it opens the BMP, which works nicely with vjpeg.

The scrap folder looks like this:

The rest of the app looks, well, like your screen.

Here's where you download it:

scrapture.exe [84KB]

If you're a Hello user you also have scrapture.

I made a new version that has different hotkeys for writing BMPs (alt-shift-1 and alt-shift-2), and which can email JPEGs (alt-shift-6).

scrapture2.exe [390KB]