I realized I was spending a lot of time waiting for JPEGs to open, and the default viewer on my system wasn't really hot with large files. I take a lot of digital camera pictures, and viewing a few megapixels in a web browser is ugly.

I have a good bicubic resampler that I use for various things, and so I made a JPEG viewer that uses it to show pictures when you double-click them. It makes them small, to start.

The idea here is "images as objects" so once they're open, you drag them around the screen by clicking and dragging. That's it. If you push them against the top or left edge of the screen, they "stick" for a while and resize to stay on the screen (that means you get live zooming.)

There's a tiny screenshot, but not much to see:

Version 2: Now default for JPG, BMP, and GIF, can open PSD but I don't like stepping on Photoshop's turf.

Lots of hidden keyboard commands:

    Left click-drag: resize, move
    Right click: close the active picture
    double-click: go 1:1 or fit on screen, whichever is smaller
    Escape: close the active picture
    Ctrl-Alt-Q: close all pictures!

    e: email the original file
    E: email the bits on the screen (good if you open a big file and want to compress it.)
    a: auto-levels
    -> / r: rotate right
    <- / R: rotate left

    "Windows Media/Quicktime" commands:
    ctrl-1 / alt-1: 50%
    ctrl-2 / alt-2: 100%
    ctrl-3 / alt-3: 200%
    alt-enter: fullscreen (kinda)

    "Photoshop" commands:
    ctrl-alt-0: 100%
    ctrl +: next bigger size
    ctrl -: next smaller size
VJPEG is really small (98K installer), really fast, free, and you can view big files pretty easily.

So that's about it.

You can get it here: setup-vjpeg.exe [98K]

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