Graphics, words, pictures



It's time for 2-D (graphics hardware and UI)
State management in OpenGL


A draft whitepaper on mipmapping in software [pdf]
Notes on the Procedural Blend in MetaStream 3
SSE emits (from Brent Elliott)
Fast crossfades using MMX
FPU tricks and speed gizmos
polynomial approximations to gamma
integer log2
float to fixed for the Palm(I don't even have a palm...?)
Robust floating-point epsilons
fast divides
the "double blend trick"

demos, papers, images

Gamut Mapping, 1992
Soft Shadows, 1996
Transitions I did for IE5 (some are sped-up Final Effects), 1999
A Java Image Mixer, 1999
Real-time-rendering (David Kirk and Ken Musgrave), 1999
Depth of field (little usenet post), 1999
Scattering (images and discussion), 1999
Cubemap animation for Bryce 4, 2000
Notes on KPT5's blur filters.


Paul doesn't have this in PDF (only a collection of TIFF files), so:
Paul Heckbert's Masters Thesis, 150 DPI, 7.9MB PDF [screen-size]
Paul Heckbert's Masters Thesis, 300 DPI, 15.6MB PDF [print-size]